03 April, 2008

Osprey Pete is coming home

Pete in flight (Photo: Juhani Koivu)
In summer 2007, the Finnish Museum of Natural History, the Osprey Foundation, and UPM started to collaborate on a project to monitor the life of a male Osprey with the help of a new generation of Argos-GPS satellite transmitters. Professor Pertti Saurola continues as the scientific leader of the project.

So, Pete is finally on the way home - I already thought that it died in Senegal as it did not move anywhere in a week. It was possible to follow Pete's migration at his map page, which was later removed from the net. The final destination is in Lempäälä, very near where I live so it's very exiting for me to follow Pete's migration.


  1. In the above blogging I told about Pete's journey back to home. Unfortunately Pete's flight ended to Marocco, where it flew inside a tropical storm and winds turned it to the sea. After that, no more satellite observations about this old male Osprey. Rest in peace, Pete.