26 March, 2008

Sign of spring in the middle of snow storm

Really bad weather today, even in the Finnish point of view. We are used to snow, but big blizzards are always bad - lot's of traffic accidents and some deaths.

I had to drive today from Valkeakoski to Helsinki. Usually it takes about an hour and 45 minutes, today it took 3 hours... When I finally left the highway and stopped in the end of ramp because of traffic lights, I cursed in my mind the bad weather. Suddenly I noticed something moving right outside my car - there were two European Greenfinches (Carduelis chloris) - and they we mating in branch of birch, in the middle of blizzard! At the same moment I forgot the winter - in spite of snow, it's really spring, the Greenfinches proved it!

In the evening, when I drove back home, I managed to see also my first Stock Doves (Columba oenas) for this spring; a flock of 5 were flying over the snowy fields of Nurmijärvi.

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