22 September, 2014

Weather changed, indian summer is over, cold autumn arrived from north, strong migration started

Rain map from Monday
In the night between Sunday the 21st and Monday the 22nd of September, the weather in Finland changed dramatically. Long Indian summer ended to thunderstorms and temperature dropped from +18°C down to +5°C. Wind turned to north and Lapland got the first snow. Huge number of birds started to migrate south on Monday, but here in south was (and still is, while writing this) a strong low pressure system with heavy rains...  Some flocks of Common Cranes pushed through the rain, most turned to southwest following the front and ended to west coast.

Mew Gull aka Common Gull in rain
I went birding in the afternoon, in hope of seeing some of  the crane flocks migrating through the rain. I drove to  Sääksmäki suspension bridge, where I could watch birds from under the bridge, without getting totally wet. But no cranes... still, I saw a migrating Common Ringed Plover, lot's of gulls including a juvenile Greater Black-backed Gull, two Grey Herons and about 40 Great Crested Grebes.
But tomorrow... see the weather forecast below, looks perfect for watching the migration. Can't wait! I'll report tomorrow what happened, wish me luck! At the moment there's a almost a storm outside, I hope the wind calms a bit... and it'll be a cold morning, got to find my pullover and thick gloves.

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