24 February, 2005

White-tailed Eagle

Today I saw a White-tailed Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) once again. So it startles inland birder each and every time. In the coast you would get bored(?) at them, but here in Häme these eagles are not daily tidbits. This observation has, by the way, a certain by-plot; I called to my friend Tom and told him about White-tailed Eagles that were seen in lake Rauttunselkä in Valkeakoski. Tom had never seen White-tailed Eagle in his life and in fact he probably had thrown in the towel, as 2/3 of his life he had waited to see one - in vain... I teased him a bit and said that I'll go now to Viidennumero to watch White-tailed Eagle - and so it happened! This incident provoked him, so he decided to give one more try - and finally he saw that king of birds. :-) If you understand finnish, you can read his whole story here.

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